Humble Choice Subscription Gets 40% Cheaper Next Month

Published: January 11, 2022 3:25 PM /


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The Humble Choice subscription is about to get a whole lot cheaper -- Humble Bundle is unifying its three plans into one and slashing the price by 40% in February 2022.

Humble Bundle is a digital games distributor that's best known for its titular game bundles. The company faced criticism last year over a test where its price sliders appeared to be broken. This was later revealed as a prelude for removing the price sliders entirely, but Humble Bundle eventually reversed course and landed on the model that we see today.

Aside from its bundles, Humble Bundle also runs the Humble Store and offers a subscription service called Humble Choice. Now, it's been announced that Humble Choice is going to be changing its subscription setup and pricing -- and it's definitely an improvement.

Humble Choice membership plans
Humble Choice currently offers three different subscription tiers, but that's all about to change next month.

How the Humble Choice Subscription is Changing

Previously, you had three options for a Humble Choice subscription at prices ranging from $4.99/month to $19.99 a month. The lowest tier offered access to the "Humble Trove" library of free games for $4.99/month, the Basic tier added the ability to get 3 games from a monthly collection for $14.99/month, and the Premium tier lets you get all 9 monthly games for $19.99 month.

First and foremost, these three plans are going to be whittled down to one -- the $4.99 "Lite" and $14.99 "Basic" tiers are being eliminated according to today's announcement. Going forward, the only available option will be the Premium Tier.

The streamlining of the plans might come as sour news for people who were on the cheaper plans, but Humble Bundle has good news there, too -- the price of a Humble Choice subscription is being reduced to $11.99 a month starting on February 1, 2022. Best of all, you won't have to wait for this official price change to go into effect -- new customers can get this discount right now.

Humble Bundle is also debuting the Humble Games Collection, an "ever-growing curated library of games" that can be accessed as long as you have an active Humble Choice membership. This new portion of the service will debut next month, starting with the following games on offer:

  • Dodgeball Academia
  • Forager
  • Unsighted
  • Wizard of Legend
  • Void Bastards

Longtime subscribers to Humble Choice -- formerly called Humble Monthly -- won't have too much to celebrate, though. Older Humble Monthly subscribers got access to the Classic Plan which preserved the older $12/month price point after Humble Choice made its debut. Ultimately, Humble Bundle is effectively reversing its previous decision to add more options and increase the subscription price, and turning all subscriptions into the same as the classic plan.

There's another downside, and that comes down to "skipping" -- pausing your subscription for a month. Previously, Premium and Classic subscribers would get 20% off of games on the Humble Store and Basic subscribers would get 10% off as shown on a Humble Support page. However, the F.A.Q. regarding these changes notes that it will be changing to a "consecutive months" system. All current subscribers will get 20% off, but new customers will only get a 10% discount to start; they'll have to work their way up to a 20% discount in a new system that scales up the discount over several months. Pausing your subscription will reset progress on this counter.

Humble Bundle has also revealed that a Windows App has been created for its Humble Games Collection; you can learn more about that on its dedicated web page. Unification of the plans aside, a 40% price drop is a pretty good deal for people who like to try out a few new games every month. You can sign up for a Humble Choice membership right now at its lower rate of $11.99/month.

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