Humble Capcom X SEGA PlayStation Bundle Features Resident Evil, Dead Rising, & More!

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humble capcom x sega playstation bundle

Humble Bundle has something for console gaming aficionados with the Humble Capcom X SEGA PlayStation Bundle, with both classics and newer titles.

The Humble Capcom X SEGA PlayStation Bundle combines games both old and new from two of the industry's greatest publishers into one big bundle for the PlayStation ecosystem. The games are a mix of titles available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4. Let's get right to it!

Kill zombies in style in Dead Rising for the PlayStation 4.

Dead Rising (Our Impressions) for the PlayStation 4 is the first game in the Pay What You Want tier. Freelance photojournalist Frank West heads to a small suburban town in search of a story only to find himself embroiled in the heart of gonzo journalism - there are zombies everywhere, and he's got to do his best to survive in a shopping mall that's not quite the safe haven he hoped it would be!

Dustforce for the PlayStation Vita is a platformer with a somewhat unusual theme - you're the quintessential almighty janitor who has to clean up quite the mess using acrobatic moves. (How did that gunk get on the ceiling, anyway?) Clean up the world by yourself, or join some friends in co-op play.

Crazy Taxi for the PlayStation 3 is a veritable classic that stretches all the way back to the Dreamcast days. A passenger hops into your taxi, and it's up to you to get them from Point A to B as quickly as possible - even if you occasionally have to ignore silly things like traffic laws. Crazy Taxi is a game where the sidewalk isn't just a pedestrian path - it's the express lane.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz for the PlayStation Vita is the final game in the Pay What You Want tier. You're a monkey in a ball, and that makes for a pretty super experience. Roll your way through over 100 unique challenges or create your own custom levels! You can play this game by yourself or with 2-4 friends in multiplayer.

Resident Evil HD has all of the charming gameplay of the OG survival horror genre with updated graphics.

The Pay More Than The Average tier has some solid titles in it, starting with Resident Evil HD Remaster (Our Review) for the PlayStation 4. Head back to a time when a Resident Evil game was firmly in survival horror territory. Mix together strange herbs to stay alive, solve puzzles, and try your best to conserve ammo as you fight against Umbrella Corporation's wildly irresponsible business practices (READ: horrifying biologically-engineered monsters).

Mega Man Legacy Collection (Our Review) for the PlayStation 4 contains the first six Mega Man games in one convenient package. These are games from the era when "Nintendo Hard" was a thing - players can enjoy all sorts of fun challenges like timed platform jumps and bosses with unforgiving patterns that will see the Blue Bomber blown to pieces in a heartbeat. Advanced players can make use of the Challenge Mode to make things even harder, and the Museum Mode can take you through some of the rich history of the Mega Man franchise.

Resident Evil Code Veronica X for the PlayStation 4 is a lesser-known title in the Resident Evil franchise. Claire and Chris Redford must explore the Rockfort Island Facility and an Antarctic Base for clues that will help them fight the Umbrella Corporation. Battle classic enemies like mutant zombie dogs, and beware new horrors like a gigantic subterranean worm.

Sonic Generations for the PlayStation 3 features a mix of the past and present thanks to convenient time-travel shenanigans. Play as Sonic in both classicly-styled 2D levels and more modern 3D environments as you and your friends (including yourself from the past) try to figure out just who is behind the time holes that have popped up everywhere. (My money is on Dr. Eggman.)

Binary Domain is a squad-based shooter for the PlayStation 3 set in 2080. Robots are running rampant in futuristic Tokyo, and it's up to you and your teammates to get a handle on the situation. Exploit the weaknesses of your enemies by damaging them where it hurts the most, and utilize a robust skill and equipment system to customize your soldiers for the job at hand.

Alien: Isolation (Our Review) for the PlayStation 4 is the last game in the Pay More Than The Average Tier. Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda finds herself confronted with a Xenomorph on a space station fifteen years after the events of the first Alien film. Make use of what scarce resources you can find to stay alive in a station filled with murderous robots, humans of questionable moral character, and one very hungry xenomorph.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is a bit of an oddball title that nonetheless has some really cool gameplay with an anime aesthetic.

The Pay $15 Or More To Unlock Tier has but two titles in it. The first is Dead Rising 2 for the PlayStation 4The second game in the franchise has you playing as professional motorcycle racer Chuck Greene in the fantastic casino town of Fortune City. Hunt down precious Zombrex to keep your daughter Katie alive, and take down the legions of zombies with all sorts of crazy weapons.

Finally, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (Our Review) for the PlayStation 4 can best be described as "alternate history World War 2 anime battles with XCOM-esque gameplay".  Play as Lieutenant Welkin Gunther and Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia as you battle against the evil forces of the Empire. The Remastered version of the game includes brand new trophies and all of the game's DLC in one convenient package that runs at a silky smooth 60 FPS.

That's it for the Humble Capcom X Sega PlayStation Bundle! Head on over to the Humble Capcom X Sega PlayStation Bundle page to pick it up for yourself. You have just under 12 days before it's gone for good!

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What do you think of the game on offer in the Humble Capcom X SEGA PlayStation Bundle? Are there any particular heavy-hitters that make this a good deal? Let us know in the comments below!

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