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E3 is currently out and in full force, and Humble Bundle has found a way to join in the celebration. They have introduced the Humble E3 2016 Digital Ticket Bundle, which only contains 4 games in it, but comes with bonuses and currency from 15 different free to play games, along with some coupons, subscriptions, and other goodies.

The pay what you want tier only has two games in it: Psychonauts and Mountain. Psychonauts is an old 3D platformer where you must enter the mind of various camp goes in order to solve the mystery of who is abducting brains. You can read our review of it here. Mountain, which is available for both PC and Android, is more of a strange experimental art piece where you watch a mountain grow and witness things crashing into it. The rest of the tier is focused on the F2P games and other items. The tier includes item and premium currency for many games.

The rest of the tier is focused on the F2P games and other items. The tier includes item and premium currency for many games. Wildstar, Warframe, Guns Up!, Super Senso, Armored Warfare, Superfight, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault, Pathfinder Adventures, and Neverwinter are all games that have items in this tier. The inclusion of Guns Up! is notable for this is the first PlayStation 4 game to be involved with a Humble Bundle. Buying at this tier also gets you a 30 day subscription to Twitch Turbo, 500 Amazon Coins for the Amazon Appstore, 33% off coupons for both Gang Beasts and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, a 10% off coupon for any Humble Store purchase, and a 10% off coupon for the Humble Monthly Bundle.

It is quite beautiful.
Life is Feudal: Your Own

The second tier is set at a flat rate of $4 and only contains a single game. This game is Grey Goo: Definitive Edition. Grey Goo is a RTS modeled after classics in the genre. The definitive edition adds in a new fourth playable race and further expands the game's campaign. Much like the other tier, this also contains content for four F2P or subscription games: Blade & Soul, EVE Online, War Thunder, and Smite. Much like Guns Up! from the first tier, Smite is notable due to the fact that you can redeem its content on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, making it the first Xbox One item to appear in a Humble Bundle. This tier also includes a 3-month license for video recording software XSplit Premium. It also has a notice that more items will be added to this bundle at this tier.

The third and final tier is set at the price of the average + $4, which is $8.97 at the time of writing. Once again, this tier only includes a single game, which is Life is Feudal: Your Own. This open world sandbox has you teaming up with other players to harvest resources and build things. You can read our review of this game if you want. This tier also has a beta key and items for upcoming free to play team shooter Paladins, and some masks and a heist for Payday 2.

Psychonauts 2

If you're interested in more games, last week's Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Hamble has had two new games added to it. Included are Soul Axiom and Bulb Boy. Soul Axiom is a first person puzzle puzzle game where you must enter an abandoned MMO to relive memories of various people. You can read our quite negative review of the game here. Bulb Boy is a strange 2D point and click adventure game where you must enter the darkness and encounter some horrifying monsters.

The Humble E3 2016 Digital Ticket Bundle will be only be available for a week, so hop on it if you're interested in some of the games listed. The Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Hamble is also only available for a week as well.

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