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The new Humble Bundle is here offering seven games from Bandai Namco Entertainment with more to come. From classic arcade to hardcore RPG there's quite the variety in this bundle. The best part of course is that this Humble Bundle will help out the Save the Children Charity so take a look at the games being offered.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition is the classic arcade game we all know and love but with even more content and a refined UI. The All You Can Eat Edition adds 8 DLCs with extra courses and skins.

Platformines is a 2D platformer with shooter and RPG elements by Magiko Gaming. The game has a retro 16-bit aesthetic and unique retro-inspired gameplay. Randomly generated worlds create infinite play-throughs and a plethora of customization options make every character feel unique.

Deadcore is an interesting mix of FPS and platforming with a little bit of puzzle solving, making for an interesting genre blend. The game is all about exploring the strange world and speed-running your way through it. Simultaneously easy to play and constantly challenging Deadcore is a game to check out for the speed-running crowd.

Pay more than the average and get these three games in the Humble Bundle as well.

Ridge Racer Unbounded is the latest in this racing franchise. It's a solid arcade style street racer from 2012. What sets Ridge Racer Unbounded apart from other racing games is the players ability to crash through and demolish nearly everything and forge your own path to the finish line.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is a post-apocalyptic action adventure game by Ninja Theory. Directed and voiced by Andy Serkis Enslaved is an interesting retelling of the novel Journey to the West. It has dynamic combat and has been lauded for it's storytelling and acting. The Premium Edition includes all the DLC making it a nice addition to the steam library of gamers who enjoy a well told story.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon-Enhanced Edition is part of the Ace Combat fighter-pilot simulation series. This edition allows players to literally blow apart their enemies. There's a single player mode, co-op play and online multiplayer up to 16 players with 2 additional maps and 8 more aircraft types to fly.

Pay $10 more to unlock this Humble Bundle offer.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is a sword and sorcery RPG with challenging, strategic combat from the creators of Demon's Souls and BloodBorne, FromSoftware. With a reputation for being extremely punishing and difficult Dark Souls has become a hardcore gamer favorite. Dark Souls is the break out  hit of the "Souls" franchise and with the next installment coming out next year it may be a good time to try out the series.

If you like any of FromSoftware's other games you're likely to enjoy this one. The Prepare to Die Edition includes a lot of extra content like weapons, armor, a PVP arena and online matchmaking system and more, along with a whole new pre-quel installment to the story.

More games will be added to the Humble Bundle later on from Bandai Namco Entertainment.  Visit the site to get a great deal on some games and support the Save the Children charity.

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