Humble Bundle Asks if You Can Survive

Published: August 9, 2016 11:29 PM /


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A new Humble Bundle is available after a couple weeks of silence. The Humble Survive This Bundle contains seven survival-based games for you to grab.

As usual the bundle is broken into three tiers with the first tier being pay what you want. This tier has three games and the usual 10% coupon for the Humble Monthly Bundle. The first game is Tharsis, a strategy board game about a trip in space gone wrong. You'll have to repair the ship, keep your crew alive, and try your best to make it to Mars without eating the rest of the crew. You can read our review of it here. Next up is Early Access game Savage Lands. Here you'll enter an open fantasy world where you can claim a kingdom and fight against the leader of the lands. Finally you'll get Kholat, a horror game based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident where you need to figure out what has happened during said incident. You can read our review of Kholat here if you want more information.

Tharsis Screenshot (3)

Next up is the beat the average tier which has three more games and at the time of writing costs $4.94. Two of the games are in the Early Access program, the first being Space Engineers. Here you'll travel to space, colonize planets, and build massive structures with what you find. You can read our preview here. Next up is another Early Access survival game, this one being the popular Rust. In Rust you'll be wandering around a map to collect resources and build bases with other players either assisting or attacking you. Finally, you'll also get Shelter 2, a game in which you play as a mother lynx trying to keep her cubs from being killed or snatched by other animals. It should be noted that there appears to be no plans to add more games next week, which would usually appear in this tier.

The last tier is set to a flat price of $14 and includes only a single game: Planetbase. Here you'll be building a colony on a distant planet, trying to keep it alive for as long as possible while surviving various catastrophes. You can read our review of Planetbase here.

The Humble Survive This Bundle will be available for the next two weeks.

How do you feel about this Humble Bundle? Too much of a focus on Early Access games? Not a fan of survival? See a bunch of titles you want? Let us know in the comments!


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