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Published: November 30, 2016 2:09 AM /



Humble Bundle is always coming up with great savings and great ways to donate money towards charity. Today, we have the Tycoon and Simulator Bundle! As always, you can pay whatever you want for part of the package, and you can pay more to receive more of the rewards.

For the price of "Whatever you want to pay," the games available are Train Simulator 2016, RollerCoaster Tycoon: Deluxe, and Out of the Park 2016. If you pay more than the average donation, which as of writing this piece is about $4.30, you will also unlock Democracy 3: Collector's Edition, Car Mechanic Simulator 2016, and Big Pharma. Lastly, if you pay $12 or more, you'll get early access to YouTuber's Life, a simulator where you manage an up and coming YouTube channel. All of the games in this bundle have quite good ratings on Steam, and while YouTuber's Life is still in early access, it's showing a lot of promise and has gotten a lot of attention from the YouTube gaming community.

Here are a few descriptions from the Humble Bundle page:

YouTuber's Life - "Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can effortfully become the world’s greatest video blogger in history by editing videos, expanding the amount of fans and turning yourself into a wealthy fellow."

Big Pharma - "What if you had it in your power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives of millions, to ease suffering and cure the sick… and earn a tidy profit?"

Democracy 3 - “Crime, Unemployment, National Debt, Terrorism, Climate Change...Have you got the answers to the problems that face Western industrialized nations? Here is your chance to find out..."

The total cost of these games is as much as $140 in value, and you can get them all for as little as $12, DRM free, and support charity while you do it. The profits for this bundle go towards Direct Relief, one of the world's largest providers of medical relief and health care and Charity: Water, a group bringing clean and fresh drinking water to developing countries. It's a good cause and the money you spend can be divided up towards the charities and developers in any fashion that you want. Hurry though, as there's only two weeks to get it.

What games are you looking forward to in this Humble Bundle? What do you think of simulation and tycoon games?

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