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Humble Bundle 2K Headlined by Battleborn

Gaming article by Samuel Guglielmo on July 19, 2016 at 3:12 PM

It's Humble Bundle time again, and this week they're revisiting a major publisher. Humble 2K Bundle 2 offers up 8 games, including one very recently released one.


The first tier is set for anything over $1, and it includes three games. The first game is The Darkness II. This first person shooter sees the return of Jackie Estacado as he battles his way through supernatural enemies and his own sanity. The second game is Spec Ops: The Line. This third person shooter sees you going to Dubai originally on a recon mission, yet it turns into a personal journey about doing the right thing. Finally, you'll also get Duke Nukem Forever. The most recent game in the Duke Nukem series, it... exists I guess. This tier also includes a 10% coupon for the Humble Monthly Bundle.

NBA 2K16


The second tier is the beat the average tier, currently priced at $6.37 at the time of writing. This tier has three more games, a DLC, and a coupon. First up you'll be getting Sid Meier's Civilization V. This is the most recent entry in the popular turn-based Civilization series, and is often seen as a good starting point for newbies. Next up is NBA 2K16, the most recent entry into the popular basketball series and includes a story mode directed by Spike Lee. The last game you'll get is Mafia II, the open world third person shooter that has you carrying out various crimes during the golden age of the Mafia. This tier also includes the Battleborn Summer Skins Pack, which includes new costumes for Thorn, Rath, and Oscar Mike, and it includes a 40% off coupon for X-Com 2. Finally, this tier will have more added to it next week.

The last tier is set to a flat price of $15 and it includes two games and some in-game currency for one. The first game on offer is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. This game takes place between the two main Borderlands entries and sees you traveling to Pandora's moon to continue shooting and looting. The second game is the recently released FPS MOBA Battleborn. You can read our review of Battleborn here if you want to know more about it. You'll also get 230 platinum currency to spend in Battleborn how you please.

Battleborn Gameplay

If you're not interested in these games, the Humble Revelmode Bundle from last week is still going. No new games have been added, but it still includes some hits like Nidhogg, Skullgirls, Spelunky, and Rocket League.

The Humble 2K Bundle 2 is going for two weeks, while last weeks Humble Revelmode Bundle has one more week left.

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