Humankind Endgame Will Have New Challenges for Players

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Humankind Endgame Will Have New Challenges for Players

August 13, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Amplitude Studios and SEGA have revealed details about the Humankind endgame, promising to avoid "a mindless grind of spamming the Enter button" for this upcoming 4X game on PC.

Humankind is a brand-new game that promises to deliver players the same great kind of 4X gameplay from titles like Civilization along with some new design innovations. It's been detailing new features in the days before its launch, and now the developers have just detailed what we can expect to see in the endgame.

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How Humankind Endgame Changes the Game

Play sessions for 4X games can last several hours, ultimately moving towards an epic showdown of the various players with high-tech weaponry or political drama. The Humankind endgame, however, wants to go a step further.


To start, trade will vastly change as you expand into the modern era. The introduction of railroads makes trading cheaper and easier and cargo planes will allow you to access all corners of the world. This doesn't just apply to trade, mind — these vehicles can be used to move your army vast distances for only a single movement point.

As with other 4X games, new strategic resources such as coal and oil will become more important. These pair with new technologies that exploit these resources, too, but there's a risk — some technologies and structures will generate Pollution, and that can cause some penalties and other problems for your civilization.

Naturally, warfare changes as well — gunpowder weapons, artillery, and even nuclear weapons can eventually be added to your arsenal. Nukes are the most dangerous weapon in the game, but even these do not guarantee a victory. It takes a single turn for them to hit after being launched, and that gives other players time to respond. It may, in fact, be better not to use them at all.

These are just some of the cool things you'll be able to experience in the Humankind endgame; you can read today's Steam Community news post for all of the details and you can also check out this video from the developers showing some of these features in action. If you have a hankering to play a new 4X game, you can pre-purchase Humankind for PC and Google Stadia via its official website for $49.79 or your regional equivalent, a 17% discount off of its normal price of $59.99. You'll be able to play Humankind when it launches on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

Do you think the Humankind endgame will be able to stand out from competitors like Sid Meier's Civilization? What's your favorite endgame strategy for 4X games like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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