Huge Ready Or Not November Update Adds New Maps And More

A massive new Ready or Not update has surfaced, and it's added new maps, weapons, AI behaviors, and more.

Published: November 30, 2022 9:52 AM /


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The Ready or Not November update has arrived, and it's the game's biggest yet. The "Adam Update" brings five brand new levels, four weapons to get to grips with, and a host of new AI behaviors that should make your next run a little more tactically complex and demanding.

Back in June, Void Interactive released what was then the biggest Ready or Not update yet, bringing new maps and physics elements to play with. The new update, however, dwarfs that one in terms of size thanks to a number of significant additions including extra weapons, overhauled civilian and suspect AI, and new audio additions as well.

First, you're getting five new stages: Agency, Data Center, Ridgeline, Hospital, and Importer. As well as the new stages, existing levels have had their lighting reworked, as have muzzle flashes and other gameplay light sources. The devs say modded maps might now appear brighter than usual, so if you're a Ready or Not modder, be sure to check your maps.

A group of riot cops kicking down a door in Ready or Not
Lighting should be sharper in the new Ready or Not update.

There are four new weapons to get to grips with, too, with the P90 submachine gun, the MP7 SMG, the SPC9 carbine rifle, and the M11 Compact pistol all now available for your arsenal. Various elements of weapon physics have also been altered, including bullet penetration values and bullet zeroing, which you'll probably notice on a more subtle level.

Void Interactive says that suspect and civilian AI have been "completely rebuilt", with both AI types now weighing up the best decisions for their situation based on "a mathematical system" instead of randomness. Suspects will now take hostages, use vents or gaps to avoid players, and detect players more realistically. Civilians will try to avoid firefights by hiding, and different civilian profiles and behavior will be in effect based on circumstances.

Other changes include a host of new sound effects for weapons, levels, and gore, as well as changes to animations. Several game modes on the Hotel map have been removed pending a rework of the level, so stay tuned for more info on that. All in all, the Ready or Not Adam update is a pretty big one, so make sure to take a look at the patch notes to get a better idea of everything that's new.

You can grab Ready or Not on Steam right now, where it's in Early Access. One caveat of the update is that it will only be available to those who have purchased the Ready or Not Supporter Edition. This means you've already purchased the base game for $40 and then the Supporter Edition DLC which is a further $80.


Correction: Added a clarification that this update would not be included in the base game, but only if you've purchased the additional DLC

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