House Flipper April Fool's Update Adds Iconic Apartments

Published: April 1, 2022 3:41 PM /


House Flipper April Fools Update cover

The House Flipper April Fool's Update has arrived, adding apartments inspired by the TV sitcom Friends as new locations for you to flip.

House Flipper has a fair amount of premium add-on content like the Luxury DLC and the upcoming Farm Flipper DLC, but the devs also do free content updates. The fine folks at Empyrean also like to have a bit of fun with April Fool's every now and again -- and this year, they went above and beyond.


The House Flipper April Fool's Update is an Impressive Tribute to Friends

The House Flipper April Fool's Update adds new locations that were clearly inspired by the apartments from the popular TV sitcom Friends. This isn't just a fun video, either -- these apartments have been actually added into the game as shown in this video from YouTuber Occvlt Queen.

Here's the info on these two new locations:

The one to flip 

$98,035.12 - 113.88 m2 - Floors: 1 - Rooms: 5

Some armchairs are so comfortable one would never want to get off of them. And this apartment comes with two of them! Who would let such a bargain go?

The one to move in

$112,409.19 - 114.81 m2 - Floors: 1 - Rooms: 6

This apartment is perfect for hanging out with your pals! Its open plan with a kitchen, dining, and living areas is so spacious one would swear one exterior wall is missing.

Longtime fans of Friends will probably notice the names of these locations follow the same naming scheme of Friends; almost every episode (with few exceptions) begins its titles with "The One," such as "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" and "The One with the Apothecary Table." These apartments are not exact recreations of the locations in the show, mind, though they do have quite a few interesting nods to the long-running sitcom such as the turkey Joey gets stuck on his head, sunglasses included.


You can enjoy all of the new content in the House Flipper April Fool's Update in the game right now. If you haven't yet picked it up, now's a great time to get it: you can buy House Flipper for PC via Steam starting at $12.49, a 50% discount that lasts until April 4, 2022.



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