Horizon Forbidden West Update Fixes Bugs and Issues

Published: March 9, 2022 9:33 AM /


Horizon Forbidden West

The latest Horizon Forbidden West update (1.07) has a lot of fixes and improvements for main quests, side quests, world activities, ui/ux, graphics, and more. It's more of a maintenance patch than anything else, but I'm sure that anyone who has or has played Horizon Forbidden West (or any game they like) is highly appreciative of these updates that fix a lot of the niggling issues. Let's take a look at it, shall we?

What's in the latest Horizon Forbidden West update?

Starting with the known issues, there's been a few tweaks to the image quality in Favor Performance mode, which should help those that have had issues with shimmering, sharpening, and screen saturating. Some players have reported that Firegleam icons do not get removed from the map after interacting with the map, which will be fixed in a future Horizon Forbidden West update. There's also certain music tracks that keep repeating during a playthrough, which has seen a partial but not full fix. 


For the main quests, Reach for the Stars, The Embassy, Death's Door, The Sea of Sands, and Thebes are quests that have all seen fixes, ranging from where players couldn't exit the place space, summoning mounts in underground locations, and a funny issue where players could squeeze through a gap in the geometry and fall out of the world.

Horizon Forbidden West
You don't want to fall out of this world, which is among the prettiest in gaming.

As for side quests, Breaking Even, Shadow in the West, Blood Choke, A Soldier's March, The Second Verse, and Night of Lights have all seen fixes. These range from where players couldn't talk to Porguf to turn in a quest, to reloading a save could respawn a player outside of the enclosed combat space, and where the 'Gather the Gizmo" objective wouldn't update for Night of Lifts.

A bunch of fixes were included for world activities, such as players winning Gauntlet races even though they came in last place, and for UI/UX, where an 'Always Off' option has been included for weapons & ammo, and tools & potions in the Custom HUD options. For graphics, a smoother translation between Tropospheric and Cirrus cloud layers has been added, as have better matching coloring for the supercell Anvil and Cirrus clouds. Motion blur, shadows, and quality of grass have also been tweaked.


If you have more bugs, issues, and anything else that you think should be fixed in another Horizon Forbidden West update, be sure to go to Guerilla's support form and let them know. If you'd like to see the list of fixes for this update, be sure to go here. For everything else regarding PlayStation 5 exclusives, Guerilla Games, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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