Latest Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Reveals Its Tribes

Published: January 6, 2022 10:12 AM /


Horizon Forbidden West

The latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer shows off the tribes that players will be meeting when the game releases next month. There's also Horizon Call of the Mountain that was just announced for PSVR 2, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves, eh?

The Horizon Forbidden West trailer begins with Oseram tribe on the eastern edge of the Sundon, where they are described as a non-warlike tribe. Instead, they're tinkers, builders, and revelers, which seems to be setting them up for some type of fall in the harsh Horizon world.


This is in direct juxaposition with the Carja, who have big walls that they use to defend their border, afraid of the Forbidden West and what lies within it. There's also the Utaru, who are trying to heal their lands in Plainson as a red blight is destroying their fields. They are singing in an effort to try and heal their lands (yes, really) powers aren't working out too well for them, but it looks like they are trying to earn a snazzy participation trophy at least.

Next comes the Tenakth tribe, who look far more, well, tribal. They are decked out in aboriginal dress and wear, using more primitive weapons and armor. 

All of these drastically different tribes are up against Regalla and her rebels, as well a rumored stronger tribe "at the very edge of the west." I guess we'll have to find out in a month what exactly is over there.


For more information on everything Horizon Forbidden West-including how good its combat is looking- stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

Want to see the trailer in action? Check it out below:



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