Honor Of Kings: World Is An Upcoming Cross-Platform Action RPG

Published: November 1, 2021 10:55 AM /


Two characters gazing out across the plain in the new Honor of Kings open-world action RPG

Tencent has announced that it's working on an Honor of Kings open-world action RPG. Honor of Kings: World is reportedly a multi-platform AAA game aiming for a global release, so if you're an Arena of Valor fan, this one could be for you.

What do we know about Honor of Kings: World?

The new Honor of Kings open-world action RPG was announced by Tencent this weekend, and was picked up by prominent Asia gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad. Appropriately enough, it's called Honor of Kings: World, and it looks like a vibrant action RPG set in the Honor of Kings (that's Arena of Valor in the West) MOBA's universe. Given that it's the world's first ten billion dollar mobile game, expanding the property makes a lot of sense. You can check out the announcement trailer for the new game, courtesy of Gematsu, right here (it's all in Chinese, but there are subtitles embedded within the video itself).

The trailer shows two characters, a boy and a girl, battling a variety of colorful monsters against an appropriately epic-looking backdrop. There's a rather nifty seamless transition between cutscene and combat, too, suggesting we'll be seeing a lot of in-engine narrative sequences. We then cut to our heroes atop a giant whale-like creature, flying serenely towards the city of Chang'an. The combat shown is pretty scrappy, with the two heroes chipping away at health bars and dodging lethal-looking attacks. If you're a big Honor of Kings-slash-Arena of Valor fan, it looks like you'll get plenty out of this one. No sign of Colonel Sanders, though, more's the pity.

When is the Honor of Kings: World release date?

Unfortunately, we don't have an Honor of Kings: World release date just yet. We know that the game is in development at the Tencent-owned TiMi Studio, the company responsible for development on Honor of Kings as well as other popular games like Pokemon Unite and Call of Duty: Mobile. The story is being created in collaboration with Chinese author Liu Cixin, whose novel The Three-Body Problem is immensely popular in China. Platform-wise, we're expecting a PC release at the very least, with a console launch looking like a distinct possibility. Honor of Kings: World mobile versions might also be on the cards, although it looks like it might be a challenge to squeeze this one into even the most powerful mobile devices.

A battle against the Storm Dragon in Honor of Kings: World
There are some impressive-looking combat sequences in the Honor of Kings: World announcement trailer.

We might have to wait a little longer for more information about Honor of Kings: World. It's likely you won't need to have played Honor of Kings to enjoy the game; since the Chinese MOBA isn't available in its original form worldwide, there will be plenty of players interested in World who will never have played the original game. To whet your appetite, though, you can check out Arena of Valor on Nintendo Switch and mobile if you want to get a feel for Honor of Kings: World's universe. It's free-to-play!

Do you like the look of Honor of Kings: World? What kind of features would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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