Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 Update Launches February 24th

Published: February 18, 2022 10:43 AM /


Artwork for the upcoming Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update

Hoyoverse (formerly Mihoyo) has announced the release date for the upcoming Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update. This update will add the game's first dual-form Valkyrie and will be available to download for mobile and PC next week.

What is the Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update bringing?

According to a press release by Hoyoverse (which is the new branding for Mihoyo, although it's unclear whether this applies outside the West), the Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update brings the game's first Valkyrie with dual forms. The Bianka battlesuit for Durandal can switch between a Guardian form and a Knight form. One form has superior defense and a shield, while the other can deal huge damage, and Bianka's ultimate is a guaranteed critical hit, so switching between forms according to the combat situation will be vital. The battlesuit also has a unique appearance for each form.

Bianka in the new Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update
In the Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 update, the first Valkyrie with dual forms and two distinct combat styles to match will make an appearance.

As well as Bianka, the new update is also adding a fire-based battlesuit for Rita Rossweisse in the form of the Spina Astera. It's a Mech-type S-rank suit that you can acquire by completing the upcoming Spring Treasure event, alongside lots of other rewards. You'll also find Squad 3's Mei and Carole returning to the frontline, as well as new qipao outfits for Dea Anchora and Silverwing, both of which have glasses or no-glasses options. Don't say Hoyoverse never spoils you.

When is Honkai Impact 3rd 5.5 launching?

You'll be able to download and check out this new event when it launches on February 24th, which is next Thursday. It'll have stiff competition from the upcoming Elden Ring, which launches the day after, but hey; why not juggle both and grab your login rewards from Honkai before heading into From's grim open-world RPG? As well as the update, the Honkai Carnival event is also starting on February 26th, and Hoyoverse will have more to share as that event nears.

A combat sequence in Honkai Impact 3rd
There's plenty coming up to keep you occupied in Honkai Impact 3rd.

You can download Honkai Impact 3rd right now for free on Android and iOS devices, as well as on PC via Steam. Next to the runaway success of Hoyoverse's other major anime-inspired action RPGHonkai Impact 3rd may not have quite the same profile, but it's still great fun, so it's worth checking out if you love Genshin Impact and want to see more from the developers. Make sure to grab the update and check out the new content when it launches next week if you're a fan.

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