Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak coming January 20th, 2016

Published: December 16, 2015 8:03 PM /


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A new Homeworld game is coming and its coming soon.

Announced today with a release date of January 20th, 2016 is Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The new title is a sci-fi RTS being developed by Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Software for the PC platform in the new year.

Developed as a prequel for the original Homeworld games from Relic and Sierra, Deserts of Kharak will follow Rachel S’jet. With the planet of Kharak dying, an anomaly is found in the arid deserts, deep within enemy territory. The Coalition of the Northern Kiithid sends an expedition to investigate, and I think its safe to assume there there will be fighting over said anomaly.


Gearbox acquired the Homeworld license with the bankruptcy divestiture of THQ in 2013. THQ had previously acquired the original developers Relic Entertainment in 2004. Gearbox released remastered editions of Homeworld 12 as part of the Remastered Collection earlier this year.

Rob Cunningham, CEO of Blackbird Entertainment had this to say on Gearbox and the Homeworld license;

“When we signed this project in front of the crowd at the 2013 PAX Dev, Randy [Pitchford] spoke about Gearbox's commitment to quality entertainment and taking risks, and they have fully delivered on that message. All of us at Blackbird are super proud of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and we owe it to the outstanding team at Gearbox. Words fail to describe how exciting it is to be releasing a new Homeworld game, deepening the story for both existing fans and a new audience alike."

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Among the features announced for this Deserts of Kharak are a combination of land and air battles, expansive environments with varied terrain requiring rapid adaptation and a resources system that will effectively reward strategic decisions.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak will release on January 20th, 2016.

Your thoughts? Are you excited for a new entry in the series? Does this new announcement confuse and enrage you? Tell us in the comments! Or don't. I'm not a cop.


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