Homefront: The Revolution Trailer Shows Fun Times With Weapons

Published: March 29, 2016 10:47 PM /


homefront the revolution

The latest trailer for Homefront: The Revolution will make you want to stand up, paw up, and shout Wolverines! 

If you're wondering why I chose the Red Dawn reference it's because the latest title in the Homefront franchise casts the player as a guerrilla revolutionary fighting of the Korean occupation of the United States of America, so we're obviously going with the rebooted 2012 version of Red Dawn

Bad movie comparisons aside, the fine folks over at Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios are making sure that your revolutionary has all the tools at their disposal for causing mass destruction and mayhem. Set in the near future of 2029 the trailer tells us that the Korean military soldiers are equipped with "high tech guns with advanced user locked bio-metrics." Think the whole PMC ID Tag problem that Old Snake encountered in Metal Gear Sold 4: Guns of the Patriots. Unfortunately, coming across that recently deceased enemy soldier's sweet AK-47 does the player no good at all because it's encoded with his DNA. 

Homefront: The Revolution offers a creative solution to these scientific woes which comes in the form of complete gun customization as the game's primary weapon system. The modifications can be extremely simple ones such as adding an longer ranged scope to your assault rifle to give a sniping advantage to something more elaborate like turning a crossbow in to a flame thrower. All of this modification happens during combat and is done completely on the fly. 

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Guns aren't the only item in the player's revolutionary bag of tricks. Also at their disposal are more subtle items like an RC car that can blow up a tank, or a handy drone that's capable of hacking enemy electronics. Dambuster Studios has said that they wanted to create a game where a bullet sponge fight simply isn't an option. From the looks of the trailer they seem to be well on their way to meeting that goal, but the real trick is going to be balancing all these anarchy creating devices so each item doesn't feel overpowered.  


Last month, TechRaptor also covered that the game would feature microtransactions and free DLC.

Homefront: The Revolution is set to appeal to your inner gun fetishist on May 17th. 


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