Homefront: The Revolution Announces Myriad Pre-order bonuses

Published: April 16, 2016 4:46 PM /


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Homefront: The Revolution developer Deep Silver revealed the pre-order bonuses you can grab when the game releases next month and you're going to need to get another spreadsheet ready. All pre-orders will include the Revolutionary Spirit pack. The Revolutionary Spirit pack will include the Red Skull skin for your motorbike and a golden skin for your pistol. It will also contain "early unlocks" of a marksmen rifle, scope and remote explosives for your co-op characters. The digital pre-order will also contain the Liberty Pack which will give you liberty armor and a KPA shock trooper helmet for your co-op character.


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There will also be a special edition of Homefront: The Revolution called the Goliath edition. It runs for $169.99 and will include the Revolutionary Spirit pack and Expansion Pass in addition to a bunch of physical goodies. The game itself will come in a steelbook case and you will get a "Radio controlled Goliath drone." Finally this edition also comes with a 32 page artbook to round out the package. 

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Now we get to the fun part. For pre-ordering Homefront: The Revolution at Gamestop you get the Revolutionary Spirit pack and the Guerilla Care Package which includes five Resistance Crates that contain random weapon blueprints, attachments, equipment, and more. For pre-ordering at Best Buy you will receive the Revolutionary Spirit pack and the steelbook case. For Pre-ordering at Amazon you will receive the Wing Skull pack which includes the Wing Skull motorbike skin and silver pistol skin. If you're in the UK you can pre-order the game at GAME and receive the same bonuses as Gamestop customers.

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A new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution was released a few days ago and covers the expanded "Hearts and Minds" system of the game. Essentially you will have to go through the various districts of the city performing activities to get the civilian populace on your side in order to fight back against the Korean invasion of America. Deep Silver also recently revealed the merit system in which players can complete various missions on the game's official website in order to earn merits which will unlock cosmetic items for your co-op character.  Homefront: The Revolution is set for release on May 17th.



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