Homecoming Team Creates New LLC; Changes Servers for City of Heroes

Published: May 10, 2019 8:01 PM /


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The Homecoming Team, the group behind the current maintenance of the popular rogue City of Heroes servers, has taken some major steps to help legitimize their work. According to the teams own message board, the group has set up an LLC, with the intention of becoming a non-profit organization to take donations from fans for the upkeep of City of Heroes.

"Going forwards, our plan is to move to a less expensive, long-term hosting solution with OVH," according to the post. "The key reason this solution is less expensive is because it is significantly less flexible, but now that we’ve experimented with what our hardware requirements are and have the server load under control, that is no longer an issue."

The initial donation, which asked for $6613.86, was to offset one-off costs as well as hosting on OVH for one month. The Homecoming Team reached their goal within 20 minutes of the post, getting over $7,000 with 162 donations.

The Homecoming Team, which was hosting servers in The Netherlands, is now planning to move their new OVH servers to Canada, which will help reduce the MMO's latency and run City of Heroes at max-capacity. The homecoming team is also hoping to look at setting up a regular pattern of maintenance, patches, and updates once they settle in with OVH. They have also not stopped improving the game either, adding a fifth shard, the Halcyon, and a server status page along with the return of the in-game Arena.

The Homecoming Team's servers have become the go-to spot for rogue City of Heroes servers after the code of City of Heroes was released online. Though they are not the only rogue servers currently in operation, they have become the main point of congregation, with some of their shards hosting over 1,000 players at a time daily.

At this time, the Homecoming Team is doing everything in its power to legally collect donations from players, and is making plans to ask for more donations in the future.

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