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Holiday Update for Ironkill

December 16, 2014 2:31 PM

By: Alexandria Brown


The first big update for Play Motion’s mobile game Ironkill is a festive holiday treat.  The new iOS and Android robot fighting game has recently received an update.  This update brings gameplay improvements and a special seasonal event.

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Ironkill is a fun fighting game for iOS and Android in which players build up a roster of robots and then use them to battle against other robots in a post-apocalyptic world.  Whether fighting against the AI or other players from around the world the game uses a button-mashing combo style of fighting that feels much like playing a classic arcade fighting game.  Level up as you go getting stronger and unlocking new content.

This latest update for Ironkill includes more early game rewards to help get players started.  Other gameplay improvements are also being rolled out with the update.  Perhaps most exciting is the opening of a new in-game tournament called “Christmas Clash”.


Available from December 19th to January 2nd players who complete the “Christmas Clash” will receive an all new robot to join their team, Frostbot.  Frostbot isn’t like any other available robots with a “Frostbite” attack that can freeze opponents with a block of ice.  This seasonal robot would make a nice addition to any players robot fighting team.



“Our Ironkill players are amazing and we’re very thankful for their support and feedback that is helping us improve our game,” said Prabodh Pallu, Executive Producer of Ironkill. “To show our appreciation we’ve added a special gift for players and we hope our holiday update brings new excitement as players add Frostbot to their squad of fighting robots.”
The “Christmas Clash” is a great way for mobile gamers to add a little holiday cheer to their gaming this season.  Download the game for iOS or Android for free.  Check out the new holiday video for the game recently released below.


Author: Alexandria Brown | Past Author
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