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Published: December 19, 2014 12:00 PM /


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Its the time of year where sites all over the place go crazy with deals. 30,50, 75% off and more they go. Standing out in that can be a little tough but one of the faster risers in digital sales Greenman Gaming has a plan.

They have reported that the legendary Green Grogre has been seen. According to the legends that Greenman Gaming has told us about, he is the entrepreneurial nemesis of Santa Claus and his coming always indicates a beginning of sales. Perhaps this is what is in the air with all these sites around.

Greenman Gaming though is dedicated to following the Green Grogre around and has acquired and early list of some of his sales, though there will be thousands of them, in addition to 24 hour sales, flash sales, and even stealing from his nemesis... free games.

Here is the list that they got off of him that will premier:

75% off Half Life Complete Edition 66% off The Evil Within 66% off The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Legendary Edition 50% off Counter Strike 50% off Alien Isolation 50% off Borderlands The Pre-Sequel 33% off Civilization: Beyond Earth

You will be able to follow the sales and usch on their twitter account @greenmangaming with the hashtag #TGG through January 2nd.

For your reading amusement here is the song that they have for him, according to songs of old.

"He's grotesque and scary but we don’t care, ‘cause he helps you get prices that are low and fair He squats in the mountains where he hides all his loot, He roars and he yells, giving trespassers the boot

In dismal December he creeps from his cave, To steal games from Santa so you can all save

He hoards them in his cave ready to deliver, to GMG customers, who with excitement, quiver

He knows where you live ‘cause it's stored in his brain, when you buy from him you have credit to gain

Discount on discount he will deliver, digital or physical, his deals make you shiver

You won't ever see him, he's much too quick, He delivers you savings through thin and thick

When the holidays are over he will then retreat, to prepare for next year, and rest his feet"

What do you think of these upcoming sales from Greenman Gaming? Did you have fun reading their little holiday jingle? What games are you looking out for on sale this season?

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