Hokko Life Narrative Update Adds New Villagers

Published: February 24, 2022 12:18 PM /


Hokko Life Narrative Update

For those of you that have been living the hokko life, the Hokko Life Narrative Update is out now. It includes four new villagers, a new intro to the game, the ability to create furniture from pre-existing designs, and more. Let's get into it, shall we?

What's included in the Hokko Life Narrative Update?

The biggest addition to the update is the four new villagers. They are Yara, Juno, Roderick, and Paula, and they should all offer something interesting for fans of Hokko Life to obsess over. There's also the new intro, which is a completely reworked introduction to the game, initial progression, and narrative. That sounds pretty massive, so even if you're a Hokko Life veteran it looks like you should probably give the new intro a go and see what's changed.


Hokko Life villager
This new villager in the Hokko Life Narrative Update has an excellent taste in hats.

As for less earth-shattering inclusions and fixes, spring joints to villager's ears have been added to make them springy, and player-created lights can be turned on and off, which sounds pretty useful. Flowers placed indoors can now be moved around, and the size of large saves have been reduced, which is good because no one likes wasted space. Moss' shop has had its lighting fixed, and placement has been improved for fishing chests and weeds. Camera popping has also been fixed, as well as the queue issues in the Painting Tool.

If you'd like to read the patch notes, be sure to go here.

Want to see what the Hokko Life Narrative Update is all about? Check out the trailer below:


Hokko Life is currently available on Steam. It's 25% off and will run you $14.99 until February 28. For more information on Hokko Life, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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