HITMAN's First Elusive Target Is Coming Tomorrow

Published: May 12, 2016 5:56 PM /


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With the Sapienza level from episode 2 fresh in our memories, IO Interactive has announced that the very first Elusive Target is, at last, coming to HITMAN tomorrow.

In a news post on the official HITMAN website, the developers released some info on what we can expect tomorrow.  The first Elusive Target will become available at some point during European times tomorrow by selecting the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub. The interesting thing about these targets is that each of them will have their own backstory and "unique reason to be for being" in the location they are being added to. The kicker? You will only have 48 hours to kill the target, and you won't be able to reattempt the mission if you fail to kill him. Once the clock runs out, the target will disappear and will never be able to be killed again. 

The briefing you get from Diana at the start of each mission will be even more important when your target is an elusive one. These targets won't appear on your minimap and won't be able to be spotted by using your Instinct ability. While you're on the map, you will have to explore and identify the target yourself and find a way to dispose of them on the fly. No pre-planning, no hints. 

Completing these contracts will also net you exclusive rewards not obtainable via any other means and these rewards will be given to you upon completing several Elusive Contracts. Killing the first 5 will get you the signature suit from Hitman: Absolution and killing 10 contracts will get you the stylish suit from Hitman: Blood Money

Elusive Targets had originally been expected to launch back in March with the game but were delayed as they wanted to do further polishing on it. At that time, it was announced they would be coming out closer to the Sapienza release although that target was missed slightly as that was released a couple weeks ago. Now, however, it is here completing the setup of Live Game Content Hitman is supposed to have between episodes to keep things fresh.

In addition to the Elusive Contract, the developers are also adding two new Escalation Contracts. These contracts send you out to locations within the game and need you to kill your targets using specific weapons or outfits. The first Escalation Contract sends you back to Paris for a 3 stage contract. What you need to do exactly is a mystery, all we know is that you're going to need a battle axe. The second contract sends you back to Sapienza and will have 5 stages you'll need to complete and needs you to blow up your targets while wearing the priest disguise. Good luck!

These new features will be available starting tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out our episode 2 review here.

What do you think of the Escalation Contracts? What about the new Elusive Contract? 

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