Hitman Quick Thoughts Video: DRM In A Bald, New Direction

Published: March 15, 2016 5:38 PM /


Hitman Dual Guns

Here we are, nine years, nine months, and seventeen days later, and the true sequel to Hitman: Blood Money is finally out—and I finally did a video on it. The newest take on the Hitman franchise, titled Hitman, is a great step forward for the series, but if you want to learn more about, then please do watch my Quick Thoughts on the title.


To give a summary, Hitman is quite the gamble of a game. It's being shipped in an episodic format, allowing the players to purchase missions as they come out, with the "Intro Pack" being £10.99/$14.99. You can also go for the "Full Experience" and pay £39.99/$59.99. Another point worth mentioning is that the DRM is always watching over you, as soon as your game goes offline ... bang. You get booted out of your single player mission and directed back to the main menu, where you can't even view player statistics and unlocks. This is enough reason alone to put off some players, but not me, I continued on. What I found after that was a great game.

You have classic elements from the Hitman series, tons of content to play through in three fun locations, and a myriad of ways to dispatch your targets (or whoever else you feel like killing). There is enough content here that if you just purchased the "Intro Pack," you should be more than happy with it, and the inclusion of contracts mode is an added bonus for any player. The core game design is solid and if you are looking for the newest stealth game to pick up, make sure it is this one.

Want to see more about Hitman? Check out our full review of the game's Paris introduction, and come back to TechRaptor for more coverage as new locations are introduced into the game.


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