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It's just a little over a month until the first episode of the Hitman reboot becomes available to the consumer. Sony has prepared a nice little overview detailing some of the features coming to the game, as well as give us some more details on what players can expect from the beta. But first, here's a new trailer: 


By now you should be aware of the game's episodic nature, which came as a bit of a surprise when the change was announced last month. The first episode, which includes the game's prologue and the first locale set in the French capital of Paris, is scheduled to come out March 11. According to the article on the Playstation blog this move is meant to replicate the format of many TV shows, with a story unfolding over several episodes and seasons. The stories in the individual episodes will run parallel to each other but will converge as the season progresses over the 6 planned episodes. These episodes send you to a variety of sandbox-style locales from around to the world, from Paris to Marrakesh to Japan, as you take down high-profile targets. The game's contracts mode will feature a pool of about 800 potential targets for you to take down, so you'll always have something to do even if you've completed the 6 main story contracts or if you've only got the intro pack. Additionally the new escalation mode, which they say will be explained soon, and other Live content will be available for players at all levels meaning that game modes are not divided by the order type.

If you've preordered either the "full experience" (the season pass, basically) or the "intro pack" (just the first episode)  you can look forward to an exclusive closed beta starting February 12 (February 19 if you've preordered the PC version). The intro pack will give you access to the game's prologue, the first episode set in Paris and you will have full access to the game's live events, contracts mode and the escalation mode as well as the as of yet unknown 'elusive targets'.

Another trailer? Another trailer!


The beta has you play a unique mission set 20 years before the events in Hitman, and has you play through the story of how 47 joined the illustrious ICA conglomerate and meets Diana Burnwood, the handler present in all games up to now. 

Playstation 4 players will also have access to exclusive contracts to take down the members of the 'Sarajevo Six', a group of  former paramilitaries who were involved in brutal war crimes. These contracts are little self-contained stories that exist outside of the main narrative. The first three contracts are available when the first episode launches, with the rest being added to the game at some point in 2016. 


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