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Hitman 3 Concludes a Thrilling Trilogy on PS5

June 11, 2020 4:57 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


The next-gen offerings in The Future of Gaming have been pretty great so far and one of these new games will bring an epic conclusion to a trilogy: Hitman 3.

A bunch of men with guns follow Agent 47 into the woods and that is, of course, a very bad idea. Check out the trailer for yourself to get hyped for the next game in his franchise:




The newer Hitman games were envisioned as part of a trilogy and the third and final game is less than a year away after today's official announcement.  47 will be going on his most personal contract ever in this thrilling conclusion to the modern Hitman games.

"Hitman 3 will take you around the world to exotic and luxurious locations that are packed with creative opportunities," stated a PlayStation Blog post from IO Interactive Senior Community Manager Travis Barbour. "Your ultimate goal is to explore these meticulously crafted locales and figure out exactly how you want to eliminate your targets. You’ll have complete freedom to take disguises, create “accidents,” interact with other characters and blend into the crowd to watch your master plan unfold – or gloriously fail. That’s also part of the charm!"



Fundamentally, the game will remain much the same: hunt down your targets and kill them with a variety of disguises, gadgets, guns, and other tools at your disposal. That said, IO Interactive has cooked up some new ways for players to take down their targets, too.

Hitman 3 PS5 reveal forest slice



When is the Hitman 3 Release Date?

The newest Hitman games have done a great job of reviving a dormant franchise

You'll be able to play Hitman 3 on the PlayStation 5 and on the PlayStation 4 when it launches sometime in January 2021. Naturally, no other information about other platforms was revealed, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear it was coming to Xbox Series X and PC as well.

Are you hyped for Hitman 3? What do you expect to see in the thrilling conclusion to the modern Hitman franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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