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Published: March 24, 2015 12:47 PM /


Convoy Release Date

Convoy might be a title that slipped beneath the radar of many folks, but it's had me drooling since I saw it in November.

Convoy is a tactical rogue-lite that borrows heavily from the art style and gameplay mechanics of FTL, but puts a post-apocalyptic spin on the formula. The game is set on a Mad Max-esque desert planet where your party's ship goes down and requires repairs. In order to get yourself out of the very Toejam & Earl-like situation you've been put on, you'll have to travel the wastes with a convoy of nuclear wasteland-faring vehicles to complete quests, fight enemies, and avoid certain death so you can retrieve the parts you need and get back to your ship to haul ass.

The original release date was set for February, but the developers opted to spend more time hammering out bugs instead of releasing something less-than-satisfying for the sake of meeting a deadline. A collective groan was let out and a wave of both optimism and disappointment rolled over Kickstarter backers of the project. Updates grew scarce and a few folks might have started to believe that it was a cashgrab. Fortunately, the developers had been burning the midnight oil to make sure the game was ready for the big day. Lo and behold, they've crawled out from the depths of their pocket dimension in Europe to announce that not only was the game ready, it has a release date.

The locals? Yeah. Uninsured.
The locals? Yeah. Uninsured.

We don't see many post-apocalyptic games that focus on vehicles the way the Mel Gibson series that inspired it did, and after pushing the game back from a February release date, Convoy Games have officially announced that you'll be able to get your sand and soot-covered hands on a copy once April 21st rolls around. Once the game is released, the finishing touches will be put on both the scenario editor, the Linux version, and the mod API so that the fanbase can get to work creating and sharing content for Convoy with one another. You can check out the new release trailer below.


What do you think? Looking forward to the game? Hell, were you aware it existed until now?

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