Combine City Building and Economics in Highrise City

Apparently this is the "next evolution in City Simulations" but that's something we'll have to see for ourselves.

Published: May 14, 2021 9:50 AM /


Highrise City

Highrise City is described as both a city builder and an economic simulator, and will allow players to create cities with up to a million inhabitants and more than 30,000 buildings with "countless" amounts of people walking up and down the streets. The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and was awarded with a MegaGrant by Epic Games.

There are also 5 different population classes, 50 different resources, up to 5k cards and vehicles per scene, up to 20k people per scene, and cities can become as big as 194 square kilometers. There will also be adjustable difficulty levels for newcomers or more advanced players, and you will be able to improve your city with laws and technology research. If you're into it, you can trade your resources to balance your economy.

As expected with a city builder releasing on Steam, there will also be Steam Workshop integration. The game is 100% moddable, which means that you'll be able to use the integrated building editor to "develop and implement an individual look for your custom city." This can then be shared online with your fellow city-building aficionados. If you want to build your own buildings, skyscrapers, or change the types of streets in Highrise City, the world is your moddable oyster. 

If this sounds like a game that has piqued your interest, be sure to check it out and wishlist it on Steam or GOG. The game will be released sometime in 2022, and if you would like more information on Highrise City, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

What do you think of Highrise City? Are you interested in a game that combines city building with economic management? Let us know in the comments!

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