Hideo Kojima Shares More On Death Stranding; Disses Metal Gear Survive

Published: September 19, 2016 12:37 AM /



Hideo Kojima took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, sharing some more details about Death Stranding and its development process. Kojima says that Death Stranding already has a release date, joking that it will be before the Tokyo Olympics and the new Akira. This was also confirmed on the Kojima Productions Twitter, who pointed out they wouldn’t have a budget without a tentative release date. He also says that casting is underway, so the game will feature characters other than naked Norman Reedus and the rumored Mads Mikeelsen.


Kojima says Death Stranding will have an all new style of co-op play, but the entire game will be playable in single player as well. He says he wants the game to bring people together. Pictures of Kojima Productions original rental studio were also showcased.

The first studio used by Kojima Productions.

While at the show, Kojima was asked about the upcoming Metal Gear Survive, being released by Konami. Kojima says he had no involvement with Survive. He says that Metal Gear was about “espionage and political fiction” to him, not zombies. Another member of Kojima Productions, designer Koji Shinkawa, says Kojima has described Metal Gear as being about mechas.


Kojima revealed Death Stranding at E3 2016 to a raucous audience, but information about the Sony title is scarce. At E3, Kojima said that they have yet to select an engine, but very briefly touched on some of the ideas which inspired Death Stranding, including author Kōbō Abe. Kojima explained that he believed it would fall under an entirely new genre. In general though, Kojima has encouraged players to make their own assumptions and theories about what the game could be about, and what the symbols in the game mean. Death Stranding is in development for the Playstation 4.

What are your theories about Death Stranding? How do you define a Metal Gear game and are you looking forward to Metal Gear Survive even if Kojima was not involved?

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