Heroes of the Storm gets its big reveal

Published: November 8, 2013 10:52 PM /



So suddenly, Blizzcon everybody. Nobody knows how to sell their product or getting everyone hyped for it better than Blizzard does. What other company could generate a great deal of interest about its products with the ease that Blizzard does? Not sure anyone else could really.

Blizzard announced and sold to the world its new offering to the MOBA universe, with Heroes of the Storm getting a brand new cinematic trailer, as well as a solid two minute gameplay trailer. Early impressions are early impressions, but this does look like a whole bunch of fun.



Who doesn't want to see Arthas, the Lich King and Kerrigan duke it out on the field of battle? Or Tirion Fordring and the might of Diablo fight in a blaze of holy light and hellish fire? It really is something that can get the blood boiling!

It looks solid so far from a gameplay perspective so far as well. It looks fast paced, interesting and the abilities really appear to have an effect. Blizzard says the matches will go for around 20 minutes, and are looking to make it easy to access for all players.

They say they will have different maps and game modes, which will be interesting to see. The generally accepted model for a MOBA is to have your classic tri lane map, and some other gimmicky gamemodes to the side. Will Blizzard introduce a more competitive landscape for these side maps and modes? We will have to wait and see.


The art style also looks great, with the game really seeming to live and breathe. The steampunk-esque towers also look really cool, and definitely add that Blizzard feel to the game. From what we can see in the video, it also appears interesting as to how Blizzard will handle the bases. They appear to have some sort of gate system, so perhaps you have to destroy a certain number of towers, or some other objective, in order for the gates to fly open.

And as if that all was not enough to get you excited about Blizzard and MOBAs all over again, the game will be going into open beta soon. So just in case you didn't have enough fun waiting for that Hearthstone key that never arrived, you can have all that fun all over again with Heroes of the Storm!



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