Hero Souls-like Mortal Shell Beta Arrives Next Month

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Hero Souls-like Mortal Shell Beta Arrives Next Month

June 10, 2020

By: Austin Suther

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The upcoming, gory and extremely gritty Soulslike, Mortal Shell, is still coming late this year, but now we know that we're going to have a beta very soon.

During IGN's Summer of Gaming, it was revealed that Mortal Shell's beta is launching on July 3rd, 2020. To gain access to the beta, players will have to go to the game's Discord server. Go to the game's official website for specific details.

Mortal Shell is an action RPG, but more specifically, it's being compared to Dark Souls. Described as a "Hero Souls-like" during the stream, this is a core mechanic of the game. There are things in the game called "shells," which are essentially a dead person's soul. Taking the shell allows you to use their combat abilities in the game. They can be upgraded as you play on. The trailer includes our player character wielding a giant two-handed sword, but a previous trailer has shown other weapon times like duel daggers and a spear-like weapon.

Make sure to sign up for the beta via the game's official Discord, which goes live on July 3rd, 2020! You can also access the Steam page here.


Quick Take

The only Soulslike I enjoyed that wasn't by FromSoftware was Code Vein. This, however, looks like something I would absolutely play. The visuals look really slick and the gore makes for some impactful gameplay. The shell mechanic sounds cool, but quite similar to the blood codes from Code Vein. These were essentially just classes that had different stats and abilities. I want to see Mortal Shell set itself apart in some way. It's too early to say how well it can compete with the likes of Dark Souls, but consider me excited.

Are you excited to play Mortal Shell? Let us know in the comments below.

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