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Published: July 23, 2020 11:58 AM /


Hello Neighbor 2 inside house

During the Xbox Games Press preshow today, Hello Neighbor 2, sequel to the first-person stealth horror game, was announced. Like the first, it will be all about sneaking into a house to discover creepy things going on within.

But in this sequel, a few things will be different. Players will be searching for the titular neighbor, Mr. Peterson, who has gone missing.The player-character will be Quinten, a journalist, who's in Raven Brooks on a case. Indeed, Raven Brooks has been suffering from a case of people disappearing.They've also been suffering from a plague of ravens (go figure).

Quinten scoped out and then snuck into a decrepit house, apparently the same one from the first game (it's seen better days). The land around the house was wasted and desolate, with debris flying through the air. Gameplay this time around will take place across the world in open-world fashion.

Once Quinten made it inside the house, the resident of the home immediately became aware of Quinten's presence. Whoever this resident was, they were wearing a creepy raven suit and ultimately prevailed against the intruder. This time around, the AI will be dynamic, responding to player behavior, rather than navigating by waypoints.

At the end, the neighbor had tossed the bird suit, revealing the same lovely face as from the first game. Is this same neighbor also the raven-suited lunatic? Perhaps. Quinten will be unsolving the mystery surrounding Mr. Peterson, the disappearing people, and the ravens.

Hello Neighbor 2 is coming 2021 to Xbox Series X and Xbox One via Smart Delivery, so prepare to sneak into creepy houses and avoid detection by crazed psychopaths then.

Check out the trailer below:

Excited for the next Hello Neighbor game and the new places it will take the story to? Have you played much of the first one? Let us know in the comments below!

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