Hearthstone's next single player adventure will bring us to Blackrock Mountain

Published: March 8, 2015 11:19 AM /


Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Blizzard announced that the new Adventure pack for Hearthstone. It will be called Blackrock Mountain, continuing the trend started by Naxxramas of making old raids from World of Warcraft appear in the Strategy Card game as single player adventures. The new adventure will come, of course, with a ton of new content for the game.

Blackrock Mountain will add 31 new cards to Hearthstone's collection. Judging by the cards that have been revealed thus far (you can see them here), it seems that dragon decks will be the next big thing. All the new cards can be collected, just like it worked for Naxxramas, by progressing through the 5 wings of the adventure. Every wing will make you face bosses with unique powers and for every boss defeated, you will be rewarded with new cards to add to your decks. Blizzard will make available for purchase one wing per week for five weeks. The first wing to open will be Blackrock Dephts, where the players will face the fierce iron dwarves.

There will also be class challenges, heroic mode and a new gaming board full of lava, volcanoes and high-temperature stuff in general. A new card back will also be available for the people that will preorder the full adventure package. Puchasing the full Adventure will cost 24.99 USD while unlocking single wings will cost either 6.99 USD or 700 in-game gold. Other bundle options are available in case you already unlocked one or more wings and want to buy the others with cash. Preorders for Blacrock Mountain will start March 19th and the pack will be released next month.

For those of you that play Arena often, worry not. As happened with Naxxramas, the Blackrock Mountain cards will show up in your arena picks even if you did not unlock the wing they're from.

What you think of this new adventure pack for Hearthstone? Will you play it? Are you excited to see the new content Blackrock Mountain will bring to the game? Let us know in the comments.

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