HearthStone's New Expansion Is The Grand Tournament

Published: July 22, 2015 7:08 PM /



Today in a presentation on the HearthStone twitch channel, the rumored Argent Tournament was announced as the second expansion for the Blizzard TCG, named "The Grand Tournament".

After running through a couple rumored and silly ideas for HearthStone expansions (Ninjas vs. Pirates, Worgen vs. Tauren, Lich King vs. Battle Pets) viewers were shown a short trailer for The Grand Tournament, including the awesomely silly pirate riding a massive parrot with a Joust-Hook.

Inspired by the Argent Tournament from Wrath of The Lich King, the Grand Tournament expansion skews more towards fun than the sober affair that was the WoW Tournament.

Expansion's New Board
The Expansion's New Board

As has become common with new HearthStone content, the expansion comes with a new board, sold as having more interaction than ever, complete with a crowd that reacts to your success and failure within each game.

Next we were shown a few new cards, including a legendary pirate astride his noble parrot teased in the earlier trailer, and a new hunter spell called Lock and Load with a slick new animation.

Lock and Load

A new mechanic, Inspire, was then announced. Inspire triggers every time a player uses their hero power, for example the Lowly Squire card gains one attack every time you use you hero power.

Like the Argent Tournament, HearthStone's Grand Tournament places large emphasis on champions. The champion focus comes in the form of cards that effect the players' hero powers. For example, the Maiden of the Lake card reduces the hero power cost to 1 while the Mage's Coldarra Drake which allows multiple uses of the hero power each turn.

The Grand Tournament will come with 130+ new cards for HearthStone players to purchase with gold, real money or earn via quests. These card packs will be available for players to pre-purchase next week and come with a new exclusive card back.

Those pre-purchased card packs will unlock in a month when the Grand Tournament releases in August.


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