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Hearthstone Expansion Teased By Blizzard

October 26, 2016

By: Andrew Stretch

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Blizzcon, the annual celebration of all Blizzard titles, is starting next week on the 4th of November and we are already being fed teases about the potential contents of the next Hearthstone expansion.

Two days ago an image was tweeted out by the official Hearthstone account. The image was a standard tourist postcard for Gadgetzan, describing it "as clean as it is safe" with added emphasis on the words clean and safe. Gadgetzan is a Goblin trading post that is located in the desert and in World of Warcraft it became extremely popular as it was the one place that Alliance and Horde members could trade items with one another.


After the initial tweet an image of The Gadgetzan Gazette, the in-universe newspaper, was posted to the Hearthstone website that had a link where you could chat with Talan, the owner of a Bar. This link will put you in contact with a chatbot where you can be shown some screenshots and are told about "a little opportunity coming up." Some other interesting aspects of the article are the topic of an unbreakable bank, as well as joke advertisements to "get a loan to pay a loan."

Using the clues of the advertisements in the Gadgetzan Gazette as well as Talan's opportunity and how safe the trading outpost is meant to be speculation currently sits around the idea of an expansion where you pull a heist on the bank.


Though there is plenty being teased there is still no definitive proof about what the new expansion will hold. Expect a full announcement on Hearthstone's next expansion during Blizzcon 2016.

What do you think of all of the teases that Blizzard is dropping? Do you believe what others think about a bank heist in Gadgetzan? or do you think that the expansion will include something no one has mentioned?

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