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Published: August 20, 2015 4:10 PM /


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Revealed in a recent forum post by a Battle.net developer, the hit card game Hearthstone may have a whole new level of information coming to the general public. While the details are scarce, the developer in question, Andanion, indicated that " I would love to be able to give more information on this but...I've probably said too much already ;). Just know that it is a thing here on our side - we all really want it - its just a matter of the when...". While Hearthstone has an upcoming expansion in The Grand Tournament that's releasing on August 24th, this information could have as much as an impact of the meta game about players and how players will counter their opponents decks.

The Grand Tournament is around the corner on top of this announcement.
The Grand Tournament is around the corner on top of this announcement

For those who are unaware, an API (application program interface) provides a set of functionality for those interested in elements regarding Hearthstone. From what is described, we may see data regarding player's profile data, and seasonal rankings. It's dependent on how much Blizzard opens up in terms of the API, as it is unclear what will be available and what won't be at this point in time. But any additional information, like the most popular cards and desk constructions, could change how players with that knowledge will approach the game. While no official time line has been given other then "Very Soon", it's the first mention of an official release of an API done through Blizzard regarding the game. In the meanwhile, players looking to get an edge must rely on community feedback and different kind of meta resources in order to counter the next Facehunter deck they must likely will face.

Quick Take

It's always cool to see developers opening up information to the public, and some may throw this aside and say "well, it's not that important." But given the 20 million dollar a month revenue stream that the game apparently makes and the popularity of it, it's clear that anyone who is looking for even the slightest edge will be able to make use of this information.


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