Haunted Chocolatier Combat Isn't the Same as Stardew Valley

Haunted Chocolatier's Combat is "completely coded {and drawn} from scratch" per Concerned Ape who opened up about his next game

Published: October 31, 2021 7:52 PM /


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Just in time for Halloween is a new update from Stardew Valley dev ConcernedApe concerning his latest game, the spoopy Haunted Chocolatier. This time, we get to hear a bit about how Haunted Chocolatier combat is different from that which he created for Stardew Valley.

ConcernedApe posted a teaser of new features in Haunted Chocolatier's combat; for while it does appear to be visually similar to Stardew Valley, there are differences worth noting. For one, ConcernedApe says Haunted Chocolatier has more of a focus on fighting than in Stardew Valley, and this time around combat "needs to be very fun, satisfying, and engaging, while also appropriately fitting into the big picture."

To facilitate this effort, he explained, "almost everything in Haunted Chocolatier, including the combat, is completely coded (and drawn) from scratch". One mechanical difference ConcernedApe introduces in this blog post is the inclusion of shields and blocking with them. Should a player block an attack with a shield, it'll stun an opponent and leave enemies vulnerable to a fury of attacks. This is also just one way to play. He confirms the inclusion of offhand items, which will help facilitate different styles of play.

He also makes a point to mention the sword animation is different this time around, so along with fresh code, it is reasonable to expect that combat will have a vastly different feel to it than his prior project.

When is Haunted Chocolatier Coming Out?

We don't know when exactly Haunted Chocolatier will come out. It was announced earlier this month, and we only got a hint of what's to come. While we have no definitive date, ConcernedApe was quick to mention that this is a game very much in development. More to the point, the finish line isn't even in sight.

He goes as far as to mention there's no guarantee the project will release at all if he is not completely happy with his work. Worry not, as he does mention he believes it will release, but do temper your expectations if you expect a release soon.

Between the teaser we received during Haunted Chocalatier's announcement and this new information on combat, we've still don't know a great deal about the game itself. Rest assured, ConcernedApe will inform players on more when he's ready.

Are you excited for Haunted Chocolatier? What kind of gameplay do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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