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Earlier this year Harvest Moon made its mobile debit on the App Store and finally Android users are getting some of the farming simulator love. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has recently launched onto the Google Play Store as a premium app so both iOS and Android users can get their Harvest Moon fix on the go. Fans will find all the hallmark gameplay elements of the Harvest Moon series in this new game from growing crops to finding a spouse.


After doing well on the App Store Natsume made the decision to bring the game over to the Android market as well. The Harvest Moon series seemed a good choice for mobile devices as it consists of a series of simple tasks within a relatively small environment. The mobile title hasn't really been simplified from it's console predecessors though, offering all of the activities and challenges of other Harvest Moon games and some new features as well.

"Since we announced Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, Android fans have been frantic to get in on the fun!" said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. "Now, Android users can finally play the first Harvest Moon game ever available for Android, and players can grow crops, cook, fish, forage and mine to their hearts content!"

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is the first ever Harvest Moon title on Android yet it will feel very familiar to fans of the series. Included in this new game are livestock to care for and befriend and crops to grow, harvest and discover. Players can own loyal pets to take care of and horses that can be ridden around town. 

Harvest moon: Seeds of Memories

Harvest to your hearts content with a variety of tools that can be upgraded to be more efficient and find higher quality items. Craft exciting new items from harvested materials and participate in contests and festivals as you enjoy like in your quite little farming town. You may even find someone to settle down with as the game offers 5 male and 5 female candidates for the player to marry if they play their romance cards right.

The latest edition to the series is a wild bobcat roaming around. If they take the time players can befriend the animal and gain a bobcat as an exotic pet. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is available on Google Play for Android devices now. You can download it here for $9.99.

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