Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adventure Sync Has Arrived

Published: January 31, 2020 12:30 PM /


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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adventure Sync has arrived, following in the footsteps of its sister game Pokemon Go.

If you haven't yet played Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, well... it's basically Pokemon Go with a Harry Potter theme. Players take on the role of witches and wizards who are trying to capture rogue artifacts and magical creatures, preventing them from leaking out into the Muggle world. This is accomplished through augmented reality, traveling to various different real-world spots in order to complete game objectives.


Now, an "Adventure Sync" feature is coming to the game. Like many similar games, Wizards Unite requires that you travel certain distances for certain objectives. Unfortunately, this typically requires that the game itself is open, draining your battery and removing the ability to use your phone for other things.

Adventure Sync changes that. By connecting your game to Apple Health or Google Fit, you can take the footsteps data that either of these apps record and apply it to in-game bonuses, just as if you had the game open.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adventure Sync Update Has Other Changes, Too

The addition of Adventure Sync (highlighted in a tweet from the game's official account) isn't the only thing that's changing. Game Update 2.9.0 also has a few other small changes as noted in the patch notes.

Most of the changes are small bug fixes or tweaks to existing features, but Portkeys have gotten a bit of an overhaul. To start, Portkey rewards now include Spell Energy rewards when you tap on Wrackspurts. A new set of Foundable Fragments are also available as possible rewards.

Sorting through Portkeys has been made easier, too. New icons will help you go through your unlocked Portkeys:


  • 2km Portkey: Boot
  • 5km Portkey: Kettle
  • 10km Portkey: Deflated Ball

And that's pretty much it! You can enjoy this update in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite right now by playing for free on either iOS or Android.

What do you think of the addition of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Adventure Sync? Was the lack of this feature holding you back from enjoying the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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