Harlow Is A Cute Platformer Created By A Cancer Survivor

Published: February 23, 2022 11:03 AM /



While Harlow might look and play like other platformers that have released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in recent years, the story behind it is unique. Arman Nobari, 2-time cancer survivor, is the creator and developer of Harlow. He learned to develop games while recovering from hospitalization, extensive surgery, and grief. Not only did Nobari survive cancer twice, he also had to go through losing one of his parents.

“Harlow is the culmination of years of hardship, grief, and perseverance,” said Arman Nobari, founder, Good Trouble Games. “After having survived cancer and tragically losing one of my parents, Harlow was the project I used to give myself hope during some of the darkest points in my life.

Harlow is 2D platformer where two clumsy robots that are planning a surprise party for frozen colonists are instead stranded. Players will have to use physics to evade the dangers that can be found on an ancient planet as they gather materials and plan a party in space.

Harlow screenshot
Harlow is a very pretty game.

“We originally ran across Harlow while browsing through r/IndieGaming and after reading a bit more about the game and about Arman’s story we knew we had to help make this game become a reality,'' said Rogue’s chief strategy officer, Chris Archer. “Without all the encouraging comments boosting that thread to the top of the Subreddit, we would have never discovered the game, which is why we’re giving away a free copy to every Redditor who commented on Arman’s original post.”

Nobari also wants to give back. He'll be dedicating 0.5% of the profit generated from his game to Cancer from College, which provided Nobari with a scholarship that allowed him to attend college. An additional 0.5% of the game's profits will go to Black Girls Code for a total of 1% of revenue going to "socially impactful organizations."

Want to see Harlow in action? Check out the Harlow launch trailer below:

Harlow will launch on Steam on March 15 and Nintendo Switch later this year. For more information, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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