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Halo SPV3 Brings Brutes and BRs to Combat Evolved on PC

Gaming article by Alex Santa Maria on August 19, 2017 at 2:42 PM

After many older gamers spent the better part of this week indulging in nostalgia, it seems only fair that a younger generation should get their turn. The SPV3 mod for Halo Custom Edition has officially launched their final version today after a decade of work. The mod brings new features from across the Halo universe into the iconic Combat Evolved campaign. Having released last year in a partially completed state, SPV3.1 brings a new launcher for simplified installation and a full campaign filled with tweaked levels, new weapons, and upgraded graphics in a stunning 60 FPS presentation.


Among the improvements that players can expect from Halo SPV3 are

  • Reworked areas of levels to add complexity and variety.
  • Bundled graphical enhancements and improved controller support
  • Dialogue restored after being cut from the original game.
  • A range of new weapons and vehicles, including several wholly original additions.
  • Armor abilities like Sprint and the Halo 3: ODST VISR
  • Brutes and Skirmishers
  • Data logs that bring expanded universe lore into the game
  • Multiple variations of beloved UNSC weapons
  • First Person Hunter Cannon
If you want to relive the landing on Installation 04 for yourself, head on over to the game's official subreddit for a link to the game's official installer and get your own SPV3 download going. You will need a CD Key from the PC release of Halo: Combat Evolved in order to play but the program will sort everything else out and get you ready to go.

Quick Play

I played about an hour of the mod this morning after having only intended to play a bit of the first level so I could report on it. For someone who knows their Halo, this is a fantastic release that makes the Combat Evolve slot in much better narratively with the rest of Bungie's trilogy. Also, it's just fun to mess around with a DMR and a Brute Shot on the Truth and Reconciliation. For anyone who owns Halo: CE on PC, this is a must play.

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