Halo Infinite Season 2 Release Date Coming With Much-Needed Content

Published: April 8, 2022 10:12 AM /


Halo Infinite Season 2

The Halo Infinite Season 2 release date has been officially announced, and now players can expect to see new content (finally!) on May 3, 2022. The Halo Infinite Season 2 release date has been a long time coming due to the limited amount of content that players have been experiencing since the game's launch, but that should at least be alleviated on May 3rd. Players can expect to see new maps, modes, limited-time events with themes, and a new Battle Pass that doesn't expire. Let's talk about the next season, shall we?

What's in Halo Infinite Season 2?

The Halo Infinite team has been working to ensure that players will actually like the game they're playing, and with the aforementioned added content, there should also be a much better overall experience going forward. Bundles in the shop, for instance, will have more consistent value across different offerings, which should solve that particular problem. The bigger problem (and the biggest for some players) was the Battle Pass, and there are a bunch of things that players can look forward to:

  • Season 2’s free track will have more customization content than Season 1’s.
  • Players can earn 1000 CR in the S2 Premium Battle Pass.
  • Weekly Challenges will see continued improvements.
  • Ultimate Rewards will be higher value cosmetics such as visors, coatings, and stances, and no longer have emblems or backdrops, throughout the course of the season. 

There are also going to be Theater and Observer updates to address stability, issues caused by watching multiple films in a row, and problems that arise when players have the audacity to watch multiple matches in a row. The nerve of those enterprising players! Well, at least it'll be fixed sooner rather than later.

Oh, and if you're looking forward to the campaign co-op, it won't be arriving on May 3rd. It's taking 343 Industries a while to nail it down, but it will be coming out (apparently) sometime during Season 2. barring another delay. If you were wondering about Forge, that won't be arriving until Season 3. We'll see.

Want to see the official Halo Infinite Season 2 trailer? Check it out below!

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