Halo Infinite Playlist Update is Coming This Week

Published: December 11, 2021 4:19 PM /


Halo Infinite Playlist Update

No longer will Spartans be stuck with two game mode options. 343 Industries announced the long sought after Halo Infinite playlist update will arrive next week, giving players the chance to choose what they want, with a few series classics thrown into the mix.

343 Industries announced that coming next week, you can access four new playlists in Halo Infinite's multiplayer. Slayer is a separate game mode, meaning you will only get in matches of this type; previously, players would have to deal with the possibility of getting into matches like Oddball or Capture the Flag. Fiesta is also making a return, which debuted a few weeks ago for a limited time. In Fiesta, two teams go head-to-head and spawn with completely random weapons each time.

The highlight of the Halo Infinite playlist update is the inclusion of two frequently requested playlists: Free-for-All (FFA) and Tactical Slayer (otherwise known as SWAT, which many Halo veterans will recognize). FFA is just as it sounds; in this mode, there are no teams and players fight for themselves. As for SWAT, typically players are armed with accurate weapons like the Battle Rifle and Pistol. Head shots are instant kills, while body shots do much less damage. It was not specified if weapons such as the Commando will be included as a weapon for SWAT.

Additional improvements in the Halo Infinite playlist update include more challenge adjustments. The announcement notes adjustments will address "particularly frustrating mode specific" challenges, as well as making other challenges easier to complete overall. As there are several new playlists in this update, new challenges are going to be added for modes like SWAT.

The post also alluded to performance-based challenges that require Spartans to get a certain score within a match. This addresses one of Halo Infinite's most common complaints, which was that stellar performance in matches weren't appropriately rewarded.

When Does the Halo Infinite Playlist Update Release?

343 Industries is quick to address concerns by players, and you won't have to wait long for this update. The Halo Infinite playlist update rolls out early next week on Tuesday, December 14. This should happen at around 1:00 p.m. EST, which is when the daily shop and challenges reset. The post notes some players are unable to access Big Team Battle at this time, although it isn't clear if this Tuesday's update will remedy this situation or not.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of new modes to dive into. Get ready to duke it out this Thursday on December 14 in Slayer, SWAT, FFA, and Fiesta! While you wait, why not check out our campaign collectibles guides for Halo Infinite? There's plenty of audio logs and armor lockers to find, so check it out!

Are you excited for this update? Are there any other game modes you want to see added? Let us know in the comments below!


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