Halo Infinite: Forge Beta Sports Over 1 Million Creations Since Launch

Published: March 2, 2023 3:00 PM /


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Today Microsoft revealed that Halo Infinite has passed two huge milestones, as the Forge Beta has officially surpassed one million creations since its launch. 

In November of 2022, the Halo Infinite Winter Event went live and gave players new modes, maps, cosmetics, and more to collect and enjoy. With that event came probably the most anticipated feature to hit the FPS; The Forge Beta. This mode allows players to unleash their creativity and make maps of their very own to traverse and conquer with friends or enemies alike. This feature first came to the franchise in Halo 3 and quickly became a fan favorite. As of January 2, 2023, players have created over one million different maps. On top of that feat, over 8.5 million custom matches have been played since then as well thanks to the Custom Game Browser which includes Forge Beta creations. 

Halo Infinite: Forge Beta

The developers even created a special community page to showcase the player's different creations, and some of them are just plain awesome looking. There are many different tools for creators to utilize to make their visions come to life within Halo Infinite, including audio and light effects, creating custom scripts and bott, and loading the map with obstacles and ambiance. Though as of right now there are only four fan-made creations showcased on the Playlist, it is said plenty more will be added in the near future to continue to give credit to those who use the Forge to create custom maps. 

It was also announced that the Forge will be getting a few more key features added later this year. This includes a new Mini Game mode and new map budget categories to keep fans' creativity flowing strong. If that wasn't enough to look forward to, Season 3: Echoes Within is set to begin on March 7, 2023.

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