Halo Infinite December Update Showcases New Custom Game Browser and Improved Controls

Published: December 6, 2022 2:33 PM /


Halo Infinite Winter update screenshot of two players running toward the enemy together, Halo Infinite December update

The Halo Infinite December update is now live, and it comes with an array of updates and new features that include the custom game browser, improved controls, and even in-game player reporting. 

One of the biggest releases with this update is the custom game browser, as fans of the franchise were extremely disappointed the feature wasn't made available at the same time as the Forge beta. Fans were still slightly disappointed about the delayed release of the Forge beta in the first place, but hopefully, this addition of the custom game browser helps alleviate some of that anticipation. The browser was not scheduled to release until Season three, but the devs decided to put the extra work in to give the fans what they wanted most.

This feature is not the only thing on the agenda for the Winter update or the roadmap in general; there have also been quality-of-life features added in as well this time around. There has also been a map thrown into the mix that fans have been waiting for since Halo 3; The Pit. Though this time, it is called Empyrean, which is a reimagined version of the beloved map, but with new aesthetics and extreme detail in terms of layout and assets. For fans of the franchise, they know this is now the time to bum-rush everyone and grab that rocket launcher before anyone else. 

Halo Infinite Winter update screenshot of the player holding a large weapon with a scope running through the mountains map, Halo Infinite December update

Who doesn't love free cosmetic items? With the update also comes some nifty-looking cosmetics to customize your character to your heart's content. All present Armor Cores are now available to all players, completely free of charge, which includes the Mark VII, Eaglestrike, and the Mark V [B]. On top of that, all ten of the Cadet Coatings have been added to already existing armor cores, even furthing the customization options.

The developers have also fixed a few major known issues, like PC gamers having trouble with the aiming system. Mouse and keyboard input has been completely overhauled, which includes aiming improvements, red reticles being added, a walk button, and improvements to mouse scroll input. There has also been an update to the network settings and desync, meaning that there should be less melee misses and more headshots. 

To read the full list of updates, head on over to HaloWaypoint where they also include a link to all patch notes for those who really want to see what has been changed behind the scenes. 

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