Halo Infinite Campaign Missions Can't Be Replayed At Launch

Published: December 7, 2021 8:57 AM /


Master Chief in the Halo Infinite campaign

Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinite campaign missions can't be replayed at launch. You'll be able to continue exploring the game's semi-open world environment, but story missions won't be available for replaying until some time after launch.

Why can't Halo Infinite campaign missions be replayed?

Although you'll have the chance to hoover up remaining collectibles and FOBs after the Halo Infinite campaign ends, you can't just hop in and replay any story mission you like. This is a break from Halo tradition; every major Halo game since 2001's Combat Evolved has allowed you to return to earlier campaign missions and replay them. Given the campaign's new open-world-style structure, there are locations you can return to, but there are a handful of missions in the campaign that take you to locations you can't go back to.

A player firing at the enemy team in Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite's multiplayer is live now, but the campaign doesn't launch until tomorrow.

Worth noting here is that skulls and collectibles in Halo Infinite, including audio logs and Forerunner Artifacts, are consistent across save files. This means that if you do miss something in a non-replayable mission, you can start a new save and progress through the story without needing to get all the skulls and collectibles you already have in your main file. At present, though, there's no way to just pick the mission you want from a menu and return to it to grab missing collectibles.

It seems all may not be lost just yet, though. According to prominent Halo news source Spartans News on Twitter, 343 Industries is in fact looking to patch replayable story missions into Halo Infinite at some point in the future. Unfortunately, we don't have a time frame for that, so it could be weeks to months before you can hop back into your favorite mission and give it another shot. We've reached out to 343 Industries for comment on this and will bring you more as soon as we get it.

When is the Halo Infinite campaign release date?

You'll be able to continue the adventures of Master Chief very soon indeed. The Halo Infinite campaign release date is tomorrow, December 8th. Halo fans have been getting to grips with the multiplayer for a while now; it launched back in November, although it has run into its fair share of progression-related controversies. 343 Industries is committed to improving the game, though; it's implemented a number of progression updates and fixes since Halo Infinite's multiplayer launch, and the studio has also pledged to improve playlists "before the holidays".

A multiplayer firefight in Halo Infinite
You can duke it out in the Halo Infinite multiplayer right now for free.

The Halo Infinite campaign launches tomorrow, boasting a brand new open-world style environment with optional objectives to complete. It'll continue the ongoing story of longtime protagonist Master Chief, following on from the events of Halo 5: Guardians. If you want to get a feel for the gameplay, you can hop into the Halo Infinite multiplayer component right now. It's free to play for everyone, regardless of whether or not you've purchased the campaign. If you're interested in collecting everything in Halo Infinite's story mode, be sure to come back to TechRaptor tomorrow, where we'll have some early Christmas presents for you.

Do you want to see replayable missions in the Halo Infinite campaign? Let us know in the comments below!

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