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The Halo Infinite Battle Pass Is Way Too Grindy According to Players

November 16, 2021 11:21 AM

By: Brian Renadette


The surprise release of Halo Infinite's multiplayer during yesterday's Xbox 20th anniversary celebration gave players a chance to get a sneak peek at Master Chief's next big adventure. However, those playing the multiplayer are having issues with how the Halo Infinite battle pass system works.

If one takes a look at the official Halo Reddit to see what players think about the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, you'll find quite a few threads complaining about the battle pass. We learned back in June that Halo Infinite would feature a battle pass system, but they'll be free and the passes won't expire once the season they're associated with ends. Unfortunately, unlocking things in those packs is a slog. Normally, progress in battle passes is made through a combination of playing matches, with XP based on player performance, and completing challenges. In Halo Infinite, the only major source of XP is weekly challenges, with the daily challenges providing a paltry amount of XP for playing games. Even worse, the weekly challenges can often be reliant on luck, as there's no way to choose to play certain modes that may be required for a challenge. This means that players may have to play


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What are people saying about the Halo Infinite battle pass?

  • Mr_Jackabin on Reddit says that they work full-time, but they don't want to play full-time in order to get through a single battle pass.
  • Sharkerkiller on Reddit describes the multiplayer as "fantastic" but the battle pass as "horrendous," claiming to have barely leveled up once after three hours of gameplay.
  • zerobebop on Reddit posted a picture comprised of multiple threads titles complaining about the battle pass. "You say you value our feedback 343i," they say in the thread title. "Now is your chance to prove it. Give us per match XP asap. Please."
Challenge Swap
40 of the 66 Season 1 Free Battle Pass rewards are Challenge Swaps - consumables to let you change a challenge

A few of the other writers at TechRaptor have voiced their own first-hand struggles with the Halo Infinite battle pass system.


  • Austin Suther is in the honeymoon period with the game and loves it but "They made it way too slow for it to be worth your time. There are challenges that you can do but they’re not guaranteed to be accomplished in a given match."
  • Paul Lombardo describes the battle pass as "horrendous and is extremely damaging to an amazing game." Paul also adds that being forced to play certain modes for progressing makes it much harder to play for fun because the only progression you'll get is through menial challenges.
  • David Restrepo calls the battle pass "horrendous" and says that "Everything about the multiplayer’s progression feels made to waste your time."

The multiplayer version of Halo Infinite is available now, while the full version will release for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on December 8th with campaign co-op, and forge modes coming next year.

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