Halo 5 Day One Patch File Size Revealed

Published: October 20, 2015 10:21 AM /


Halo 5

In a world where it's apparently pretty hard to include the full-featured game on the actual disc, 343 Industries' studio head Josh Holmes in a Twitter conversation revealed that the day one patch for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians will clock in at a rather large 9 gb. This will bring the size of the game up to around 60 gb, with the base game clocking in just under 55 gb. Players will need to download the patch before they can access the multiplayer since the patch adds the multiplayer portion to the game. This might be bad news for people with a data cap or with a slow connection and will have to exercise a little more patience than they initially thought they would have. Whether this patch will be made available for preload for digital versions of the game is anyone's guess at this point. 

Server issues are common during game launches, and this seems like it could potentially invite disaster if the Xbox Live servers get overloaded and prohibit players from accessing the multiplayer content on launch.With Halo being the popular franchise it is, you can almost guess that the millions of people trying to download the update at once will cause problems. 


Quick Take

It seems like console gamers' hard drives will continue to be taxed this generation. Last week Avalanche released the file size for the upcoming Just Cause 3, which will eat up just over 42 gigs of hard drive space on your console, and Fallout 4 will need around 30 gigs of space. This, unfortunately, is a by-product of games getting more complex and more beautiful, and it seems like this trend will continue to climb upward even more as games continue to grow more complex and resource intensive. Oh, and we have our own Spartan Company. Click here to join us!

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