Halo 5 Adding Assault and Grifball in February Update

Published: February 5, 2016 11:48 PM /


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343 Industries have put up a community update over on Halo Waypoint which details what is upcoming in the month of February for Halo 5: Guardians. Buried among some interesting talk about balancing for team colors and changing REQ costs in the game's Warzone mode, there is news about three new gametypes headed for Arena soon. 

Most significantly, February's update will include Assault, or more specifically a variant of Neutral Bomb Assault. The Assault bomb has been replaced with a more generic ball to fit in with other game modes, and the specific mechanics seem to be tuned for Halo 5's unique movement speed and armor abilities. Bomb carriers will get two uses of their jet thrusters, allowing them to evade attackers more easily. However, getting up close is also an option, as the bomb is confirmed to be a one hit kill. The spotting mechanic from Halo 5's CTF mode will also be in use here, allowing players to stealthily detonate behind enemy lines.

Two other gametypes will also be making their return. A certain section of the Halo fandom will be very excited, as Grifball is finally being added back into the fold. While not specifically mentioned, this almost certainly means that the Gravity Hammer will be making a return to action as well, hopefully in other modes besides the RvB inspired sport. More exciting for me personally is the return of Fiesta, which will take advantage of Halo 5's diverse arsenal with random weapon spawns and the unadulterated chaos that comes with that.

This leaves out Oddball of course, a gametype that has roots all the way back to Bungie's Marathon 2While still possible that it will be added in an official capacity sometime in the future, it doesn't seem like players will be carrying skulls around in matchmaking for the time being. 343's update does make it clear that custom gametypes will have all the options you'd need to create Oddball and its many variants.

Quick Take

It's about damn time.

Are you excited to play new gametypes in Halo 5's matchmaking? Are you still waiting for Infection? Are you the one person who liked VIP in Halo 3? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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