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It’s the scariest time of year, when monsters come out and candy cavities are unleashed across a world. As PC Game sellers are always looking for an excuse to drum up business, it’s no surprise that Halloween would become a time of many treats. Some places may trick you, but here we’ll go through some of the sales we've seen that are available this scary season.

Steam leads with the sales as one might expect and has the largest list of them on its Halloween sale. Not all are connected truly to the theme as it is more an excuse to have games on sale before their winter bash. Don’t be tricked into buying things you don’t want, but there are some good treats here. A few of the names that stood out when looking: Fallout 3, Fallout Classic, Walking Dead Season 2, Wolf Among Us, Dead Space Pack, Witcher 1 and 2, Prison Architect, Amnesia Collection, The Dark Eye Universe Bundle (Dark Eye games by Daedalic), and System Shock 2.

Good Old Games (GOG) is relatively quiet in an odd state of affairs. Many times they go on sales to match Steam but their only Halloween sale is on Shadowgate.

Update: GOG Has launched a sale for Halloween of greater size. Including such gems as System Shock 2 it may be worth your look despite being not that big!

Green Man Gaming has a special Trick or Treat sale on. While I won’t spoil all of it some games seen put in the buckets were: System Shock 2, Alan Wake, Death Rally, Killing Floor (4 pack), Darksiders 2, F.E.A.R. Pack, and Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY. They say there are tricks and treats within some of the purchases if you dare to go into the buckets!

Gamer’s Gate is focused on Zombies for the moment with 48 games of them on sale including The Walking Dead. They also have numerous other games on sale on their front page though less thematically inclined.

Humble Bundle has brought two new bundles to treat you with. One is for a week on your computer, featuring games of a horrifying bent. Want to take it on the go, or to show your friends? The MoBOO!ile Bundle may be for you.

Looking for games less known? Perhaps than Indie Gala can help you; with Werewolves and Capsule’s they bring with them the fright from smaller sources.

Not obscure enough, you say. These games are on Steam and I want some away from there. Then perhaps Groupees is for you. The Last Door is the most known of their list, but most are games of independent that hide away from prying eyes.

Enjoy your frights this week, dress up and find the greatest treats!

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