Half-Life: Incursion is a Half-Life: Alyx Mod Created by Pros

Are you ready to survive waves of enemies in a professionally made Half-Life: Alyx mod? It's out now on Steam.

Published: July 29, 2022 10:10 AM /


Half-Life: Incursion

An interesting new Half-Life: Alyx mod has just released: Half-Life: Incursion, which is a wave-based Half-Life: Alyx mod that has been created by professionals working in the gaming industry. There's Nate Grove, a level designer and artist at Annapurna Interactive, and Maarten Frooninckx, a level designer at Ubisoft Berlin. There's also Ross Joseph Gardner, a writer who worked on games such as Blood Nova and Loco-Motive, another Half-Life: Alyx mod that Frooninckx also worked on. As for Joey Bracken, he's a voice artist who has worked on games such as Dota 2 and Mount and Blade: Warband, as well as the aforementioned Loco-Motive mod. Those are the people who worked on the mod, so let's take a look at the thing itself, shall we?

What's Half-Life: Incursion all about?

Players play as Alyx Vance, who has been caught on the wrong side of the Quarantine Zone and has to get back to City 17. She's trapped at one of the checkpoints, so she'll have to carefully utilize her resources and try to escape. Players will scavenge, upgrade, improvise, and survive a challenging series of fights that have Alyx backed up into a corner.

The Half-Life: Alyx mod has an hour-long campaign with non-linear objectives, which encourages players to both choose their upgrade and weapon progression route. There are also randomized ammo and resin spawns in each playthrough, as well as a "high fidelity environment" that is meant to match the quality seen in the original campaign. The enemy spawns are also randomized, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for enemies to take down.

Alyx mod screenshot
There's going to be a lot of this going on.

What other Half-Life mods are there?

If you're looking for other Half-Life mods to enjoy, to start there's a Half-Life 2 Krystal mod, which stars the original voice actress of Krystal from Star Fox Adventures and swaps out Alyx for Krystal. Half-Life: Alyx Return to Rapture is a Half-Life: Alyx mod where the Combine has discovered the location of Rapture. Alyx has to survive a strange new world over the course of a campaign that's over 15 hours and has many maps to explore. 

Half-Life: Field Intensity was recently released after 13 years, and it's a mod for the original game that covers the arrival of the military in the Black Mesa research facility. Half-Life 2 Overcharged is a major overhaul mod for Half-Life 2 that includes over 300 gameplay options and over 50 guns to mess around with. It's non-canonical, which means interesting additions such as cut enemies from the game are recreated and reintroduced in interesting ways. 

There are thousands of other mods that have been released for this series, but those are just recent and notable mods that will get you started. If you want to see what Half-Life: Incursion is all about, check out the launch trailer below!

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